Things to look for in an English language school

School is one of the most important learning stages for a child and this is the reason every parent aims for a great English school in Dubai. But before you could set out on the venture of choosing the school, make sure you look at the following things to keep in mind when you go out to select schools.

  • They should be delivering excellence rather than talking about it

You must have over repeatedly heard this ‘delivering excellence’ phrase and this often makes you think whether it is written just for the show or do they mean it? Find some alumni and ask what their experience have been. It is also important to consider the years that school have been in running because this gives you a clear idea about how they must operate, and the experience management must have in the field. Their proven track record is great.

  • What are their ethical standards and how well do they live up to it?

Ethics are a very important part of life and because children tend to spend a good chunk of their day at school, their habits are mostly attained from there. You need to take a thorough look at the school and its management staff, how well are they doing and how greatly the students seem to live up to their standards. If the staff is careless or there are complaints about the school and staff going around, then you need to be extra careful.

  • Is the fee and discount, too good to be true?

Well, this is probably one of the most obvious alarming situations that you need to look out for. If the school seems to have a fee scheme which is too good to be true or are rolling out discounts without having a specifically genuine reason for it then you need to question it. Other than that, also don’t think that only expensive schools are always the best – it can be different sometimes.

  • Online feedbacks

Not a lot of people seem to turn to online feedbacks for better understanding but turns out that online feedbacks can be quite helpful in determining whether the said school is good and worth your time and efforts for your child. So consider them from now on and keep on going.

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