Negative effects of hypnosis

Hypnotherapy refers to the process of bringing forth the unconscious mind. It is the state of heightened awareness which is often known as trance. Because the subconscious mind is in the wake this is why the individual becomes unaware of their surroundings and all their attention is focused on subconscious mind. But with everything comes a price and so do hypnosis. There can be some negative impacts of hypnosis on the patient.

Hypnosis may not be the right treatment for a person with psychotic symptoms, if a patient is prone to hallucinations and delusions because they are under the impression of drugs or alcohol then you may want to refrain from such treatments. Hypnosis can be used in a situation where doctor have cleared out the patient for any physical disorder or surgical treatment. It may also not be the right treatment for a patient who can be treated by medication or other such psychiatry Dubai traditional treatments.

One major risk which always stays during hypnotherapy with any kind of individual is that there is no guarantee of the suppressed memory being recalled will be the correct information or reliable one. Hypnosis needs to be carried out with great care because if the therapist’s leading questions are intriguing then it may also lead to false memories that can be extremely hard to distinguish from the real ones as the scenarios can be exactly the same but manipulation of information could occur.

This is the major reason that hypnosis is no longer considered as the mainstream treatment for patients and the use of it remains controversial as there is always a chance of ethical code breaking which one needs to be extremely careful about.

There are no potential dangers in hypnosis other than the fact that your memories may be exposed while the questions of true or false memories remain uncertain. A therapist or a hypnotherapist cannot make your perform any task or brainwash you because you are not in your consciousness to interpret the information but instead dwelling in the pool of past memories. If you feel the need of hypnosis make sure that you discuss it with your therapist first instead of diving right into as it can be very overwhelming for the person to open up the doors of unconsciousness.

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